Walking with Beauty and Blisters


On the pilgrimage we average about 20 people walking each day. About 16 spend the night. We have gotten very used to eating in church basements and in sleeping on the carpets in church sanctuaries. We who’ve been on the road for 5 days walking to Bow coal plant. Each time we reach the church […]

2017 Climate Pilgrimage Begins

Climate Pilgrimage Sign at Dover, NH

Twenty-five pilgrims worshipped at Schiller Power Plant in Portsmouth, NH at the start of our pilgrimage. Near a quaking aspen tree, and near the Piscataway River we sat under strong sun on the grass. We had a few messages interwoven with bird song. great excitement built as we walked over 9 miles to Dover Friends […]

Who is Organizing the Pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage Spain

Who is organizing the climate pilgrimage for transformation? Our group of six Quakers includes Wendy, Peter, Minga, Meg, John, Jay and Brian. We live across New England- we come from NH, ME, VT, CT and MA. We are a mix of ages and sexes. We are all passionate at living our lives by listening to […]