NH Union Leader Article on Ending Blockade


BOW — A group of New England Quakers ended their rail blockade at the Merrimack Station coal-burning power plant on Sunday, after holding a protest on the site for more than 24 hours. More than a dozen from the group spent the night Saturday. They dismantled the encampment and makeshift blockade on Sunday afternoon. [Read […]

WMUR TV Coverage of Pilgrimage


Television news coverage of the Climate Pilgrimage from WMUR. Transcript summary BOW, N.H. — A group of mostly Quakers walked for seven days from Portsmouth’s Schiller power station to Merrimack Station in Bow to demonstrate against burning coal for energy. The station is the last coal-burning power plant in New England without a shutdown date. […]

Article in Concord Monitor

Protesters march during a "climate pilgrimage" along railroad tracks that lead to the Merrimack Station, a coal-fired power plant, in Bow on Saturday, July 15, 2017. (ELIZABETH FRANTZ / Monitor staff)

Quaker-led environmental activists march on Merrimack Station By LUCAS MASIN-MOYER Monitor staff Saturday, July 15, 2017 On the seventh day of the Quaker-led “Climate Pilgrimage” across southern New Hampshire, the participants, who were marching for environmental preservation, sat down and rested. They sat down right in the middle of train tracks leading into Merrimack Station […]

Article in NH Union Leader

scaffolding at Merrimack Station

Quakers go on 60-mile pilgrimage from Portsmouth to Bow in protest of coal-fired plants By SHAWNE K. WICKHAM New Hampshire Sunday News Peter Blood was thinking about his grandfather last week as he walked across the state as part of a “climate pilgrimage” organized by New England Quakers… [Read more]

Press Release for Direct Action


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 15, 2017 WEEK-LONG CLIMATE PILGRIMAGE BETWEEN NEW HAMPSHIRE COAL PLANTS ENDS WITH WORSHIP AND CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE AT BOW PLANT Contact: Katherine Fisher 781-710-8798 John Humphries 860-216-7972 Bow, NH – After a week of walking, a group of New England Quakers and fellow travelers concluded a sixty mile pilgrimage between New […]

Walking with Beauty and Blisters


On the pilgrimage we average about 20 people walking each day. About 16 spend the night. We have gotten very used to eating in church basements and in sleeping on the carpets in church sanctuaries. We who’ve been on the road for 5 days walking to Bow coal plant. Each time we reach the church […]

Great things did the Lord lead me into


Friend Honor Woodrow, member of Framingham Monthly Meeting, wrote the following reflection at the end of Day 5 of our Climate Pilgrimage in Manchester, New Hampshire. It rained this morning… and after walking 30 miles in three days (which I confess I thought didn’t sound “too daunting”) my feet hurt, my legs were sore, I […]

Letter to Bow Plant Officials

Merrimack Station, Bow, New Hampshire

The following letter was sent to Bow plant officials July 5. July 5, 2017 Dear Officers at the Merrimack Station, We write to you to let you know of our planned religious pilgrimage through New Hampshire next week, and inviting you to join us at 10AM on Saturday July 15th for a worship service in […]

2017 Climate Pilgrimage Begins

Climate Pilgrimage Sign at Dover, NH

Twenty-five pilgrims worshipped at Schiller Power Plant in Portsmouth, NH at the start of our pilgrimage. Near a quaking aspen tree, and near the Piscataway River we sat under strong sun on the grass. We had a few messages interwoven with bird song. great excitement built as we walked over 9 miles to Dover Friends […]

Who is Organizing the Pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage Spain

Who is organizing the climate pilgrimage for transformation? Our group of six Quakers includes Wendy, Peter, Minga, Meg, John, Jay and Brian. We live across New England- we come from NH, ME, VT, CT and MA. We are a mix of ages and sexes. We are all passionate at living our lives by listening to […]